The restaurant located in the Can Marc farmhouse is located in the foothills of Montseny, in Sant Esteve de Palautorera.
A farmhouse of the s. XIV where gradually begins a family project that has been growing from generation to generation.
The inheritance of a peasant world fused with current energetic shoots and a good product the hallmark of Can Marc cuisine.
In front of the stoves, Oriol Sabé with his team led by Sergi Planas creates nearby gastronomic combinations emphasizing the essence of the product.

The menu

The love of the land and what it gives us together with the dedication and passion for cuisine has borne fruit to this letter, where the dishes are nothing more than simple formulas of a lifetime updated. So tastes and aromas nearby are the protagonists.


3,00 €u



7,00 €


on the grill

25,00 €

Ham of acorn

reserve 100 gr. joselito (1/2 ration 13,00 €)

12,00 €

Micuit terrine of foie gras

with baked apple

12,00 €

Shepherd cheeses

7 varieties

17,00 €


with parmenio and roasted sauce

9,00 €

Terrine of marinated sardines

with piquillo pepper and pear

11,00 €


12,00 €


with fennel and olive calamata


16,00 €

Peas of the Maresme

with poached egg, squid and truffle

14,00 €

Carpaccio of prawns and mushrooms

Records of the "Racó de Can Fabes"

9,50 €

Zucchini wrap

with hazelnuts, calm cheese (goat) and pear

14,00 €

Coca of sardines with flame

with artichokes and calçots

16,00 €

Beef sirloin tartar

with lemon jam and mustard

Classic Can Marc

13,00 €

Chicken poultry cannelloni

with jam of plums and sable parmesan

13,00 €

Marinated coca of foie gras

with strawberries and pine nuts

14,00 €

Scallop ravioli

and pork trotters with wok vegetables

16,00 €

Tuna tartar "Balfegó"

with ratatouille and cold cod soup

In the kitchen

22,00 €

Prawn rice from Blanes

with "ñoras" and roasted garlic

21,00 €

Cod loin

Traditional desalting, cream of piquillo peppers and truffle

17,00 €

Tuna Parpatana "Balfegó"

Baked with grapefruit and almond

28,00 €

Goatling's back in the oven

lacado with teriyaki, ginger and macadamia nut

17,00 €

Stuffed Ox Tail

of egg sausage with Celera puree and ratafia

17,00 €

Riz de veau (gizzards) baked

with soft prawns

17,00 €

Duck bale

the orange and vanilla

26,00 €

Baited pigeon

with tubers


16,00 €

Rack of lamb

4 units

19,00 €

Fillet of beef

ecological 220gr

22,00 €

Cow entrecote

replacement 370gr

17,00 €

Iberian prey

to the aromatic fakircook

For dessert

6,50 €

Buñol chocolate coulant

6,50 €


mango, passion fruit, coconut, lychee and vanilla

6,50 €

Winter citrus

blood orange, lemon, iuzu, mandarin, hazelnut and mint

6,50 €


baba rum with chocolate sorbet

6,50 €

Apple tatin

with rosemary ice cream

6,50 €

Cake of the day

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